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Southeast Succulents is especially proud of its collection of sempervivum, commonly known as 'Hens & Chicks' or 'Houseleeks.'  The name 'sempervivum', means 'live forever'.  They are originally from Europe and are mostly hardy to Zone 4 (approx. -25 F).  They prefer a sunny location but need protection from the scorching afternoon sun in summer. They are also, like most succulents, remarkably drought-tolerant. They need good air-circulation and well-draining soil and like to 'dry out' between watering, which makes them ideal for the 'forgetful' gardener. They are grown for their spectacular foliage which varies greatly in size, shape, texture and color. They produce an ever-changing array of vibrant colors throughout the season. Color changes are affected by a combination of factors--maturity, air and soil temperature, length of daylight and sometimes climate.