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Houseplant Succulents

These succulents are not cold-hardy in Georgia. They can be grown indoors in a sunny window, outside on the patio (overwinter indoors) or treated as annuals.

Potulacaria afra
(Elephant Bush)

Echeveria (Painted Lady)

Echeveria (Black Prince)

Graptoveria (Fred Ives)
Kalanchoe humilis
Senecio crassissimus
(Vertical Leaf Senecio)
Sedum adolphii
(Golden Sedum)

Echeveria (Topsy-Turvy)

Senecio kleiniiformis 
(Spear Head)

Euphorbia milii
(Crown of Thorns
Crassula argentea minor (Small Leaf Jade)
Kalanchoe tomentosa
(Panda Plant)
Echeveria haagai
Echeveria imbricata
(Blue Rose Echeveria)
Crassula tetragona (Miniature Pine Tree)

Echeveria (Doris Taylor)

Sedum nussbaumerianum
Kalanchoe luciae (Flapjacks)
Echeveria pulvinata
(Perle Von Nurnberg)
Graptopetalum paraguayense
(Ghost Plant)